magnum.fe, a micromagnetic finite-element code

We present magnum.fe. A finite element code based on FEnICS. magnum.fe implements state-of-the art algorithms for the solution of dynamical problems. Due to the use of the high level finite-element package FEniCS, magnum.fe can be easily extended to your needs.

Finite-element codes are well suited for the simulation of complex three-dimensional structures. By now magnum.fe is able to solve the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation with the most important effective field contributions, i.e. exchange field, demagnetization field, external field and uniaxial anisotropy field. The demagnetization-field problem is either solved by a shell-transformation method or a hybrid FEM/BEM method. Furthermore magnum.fe solves a spin-diffusion model for the simulation of spin torque effects in both multilayer structures and domain walls.

We are planning a number of extensions and improvements in the near future. Follow this blog to stay up to date.